How to Build Your Foodservice Brand with Storytelling

How to Build Your Foodservice Brand with Storytelling

How to Build Your Foodservice Brand with Storytelling

The food service industry is filled with competition, and it may sometimes feel as though you can’t shout loud enough to get your brand’s voice heard. While blasting ads and offering promotions are still effective ways to capture your target audience’s interest, the effects are often fleeting. Stories are another tool to add to your campaign that have the ability to captivate potential customers while searing your brand into their memory. You will want to remember that there is a fine art to storytelling, and using these strategies will make sure that the stories you tell resonate with your customers.

Highlight Your Brand’s Identity With an Origin Story

Did you decide to focus on entrepreneurship after you got frustrated trying to find food for your loved one with sensitivities? Or, perhaps you grew up on a farm and want to share your sustainable farming practice with the world. Sharing how your business originated and why you care so much helps consumers feel a connection to your company that is often the deciding factor when they’re comparing two or more companies.

Turn Tough Topics Into Trust-Building Moments

Sometimes, the best storytelling opportunities are those that some companies would rather sweep under the rug. At some point, most businesses within the food and restaurant business will run into some type of safety concern or scandal. Whether your company got caught up in a foodborne illness outbreak or had a negative reaction to a change in a recipe, discussing what your team is doing to correct the issue can help retain customers. Giving a public apology on your company’s website and social media pages along with what to expect next lets people know that your business is constantly evolving to meet their needs.

Use Images to Create a Picture-Perfect Storyline

One of the benefits of being in the foodservice industry is that there are tons of photo opportunities that you can use to your advantage for marketing what makes your business unique. For instance, posting an image of the farm where your company’s produce is grown creates a lasting image in a consumer’s mind that lasts long after they’ve read or heard your story. Look for ways to add images to blog posts, social media stories and your web pages to tell your brand story during times when someone might not have time to read all of the words.

Every company has a story, and it is just a matter of deciding which important moments in your business’s history are worth sharing with the world. From giving customers a glimpse into how you got into entrepreneurship to varying your social media posts to create a conversation, making a concerted effort to liven up your marketing plan helps your business thrive in a competitive industry.

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