Foodtrepreneur: The Power of Influencer Marketing

Foodtrepreneur: The Power of Influencer Marketing

Foodtrepreneur: The Power of Influencer Marketing

Whether you've been in the food business for twenty minutes or twenty years, you likely know that an essential part of your success is being able to craft a marketing plan. The advent of the internet has introduced billions of new customers to your business, and if you're doing deliveries, it's even more important to connect with your remote customers to keep customers flowing to you.

What is food influencing?

Food influencing involves building a following related to food culture. A foodie creates content and writes narratives related to food with the express purpose of inspiring others to do the same. Foodies, or influencers, are passionate about food, and they wish to communicate this to you as a means of encouraging you to purchase affiliate products found on their content websites.

Why you should consider using food influencers to promote your food business

Your product and service exposure could increase exponentially with the use of food influencers, and several different approaches to the influencer market ensure that you'll rise to the top of the pile when it comes to brand visibility. Choose your partner well, and read on to see why you need to collaborate with an influencer to see your business explode:

1. Your customers are still eating with their eyes

Over 80 percent of our food choices are made by feasting with the eyes first. Choosing an influencer who knows not only how to craft content, but capture dramatic and eye-catching photos, will draw in your audience and start salivary juices flowing.

2. Their influence may already be established

A good social media guru already has a strong following. If you play your culinary cards right, you may be able to turn those followers into your customers with this collaboration. As your audience grows, your business will grow.

3. Strategic collaboration and marketing work for both of you

What's in it for the foodie? They no doubt get a bit of exposure when collaborating with you, and the benefits that you receive from expert use of social media will be palpable. Developing a marketing strategy that promotes your products and services while showcasing the best of their talents will take your business to the next level.

4. It may lead to other opportunities

Who knew that food culture would be such a thing? We all dive into social media and drool over our favorite posts as we look for somewhere new to dine, some new recipe to try, and as we attempt to silence those cravings with something delicious. Your strategic use of food influencers could lead to other entrepreneurship opportunities. Have you considered writing a cookbook? What about offering another aspect of your business, such as catering? You never know where a partnership like this may take you.

Your expert entrepreneurship skills, combined with the savvy social media use that food influencers bring to the table, are a recipe for success. Consider diving into this exciting new aspect of promotion and see where it takes you and your business.

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